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Wishful-Spring DYI project

Hello there! Are you like me slowly re-emerging from a reclusive few weeks forced upon us by this ridiculous weather? I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely ready for spring to arrive so I can spend time outside creating beautiful things to share with you.

In the meantime, to soften the wait, I was able to work on a small project that finally addressed the leftover unpacking from our last move in February 2017! (Yep, that bad!). As you might have noticed, I love dressing up my dishes. I love collecting china and kitchen items from trips, antique stores and specialty stores even more! Unfortunately, my beautifully selected treasures had been forced to hide in the garage for way too long. Finally, I was able to take advantage of the rainy and cold weather that hit the Carolinas last week to finally tackle this task.

I have been looking for a cabinet that I could make a little more personal and quickly thought of the best place to get one. “Guys, let’s go to Ikea!” In no time, we were in the car, ready to find what we needed. Our selection was fast and painless because we made it our mission to look for ONLY for what we needed. Normally we all get distracted by the “fake computers” (my boys love those!), and the random installations Ikea surprises us with on each trip.

We quickly opted for a black Havsta storage with glass doors. It was the right size and exactly what I had in mind. Simple and versatile, it could fit into any room and grow into a larger display if needed. To seal the deal, it had the perfect shelves for backing with wallpaper, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.

Back at home, I was challenged to figure out what wallpaper I wanted, which was the most timing consuming part of the task).  I simply could not decide -- way too many options, and we know that when you give me too many options the decision ends up taking forever! Can you blame me? I ended up finding my paper on Etsy. It came from Spoonflower, an on-demand digital printing company located in Durham, North Carolina. The paper I used was self-adhesive, the type of wallpaper I highly recommend for this type of project.

I got the paper in just a few days, and by that time my husband had already assembled the cabinet. Before I could get to the fun part of filling the cabinet, we had to install the paper, place the cabinet, and secure it to the wall to make it safe for our children. We did all that in one day, and I completed my fun cabinet in a few more hours.

Curious about the end-results? Here it is!


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