• Jacqueline Liger

Who is this Gal?

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Hello there! I cannot believe I finally acted on my 2019 resolution to start writing this blog, and trust me, for a introvert like me, this is a big deal! This little space of mine has been on my mind for several years, but because of life (I’m a working mom of two little ones), my “me-space” kept sliding to the bottom of my priorities list. I’m sure many of you can relate to that!

So here I am in my 39th year of life, pursuing my little dream to share a bit about my life as a working mom who is constantly inspired by others and wants to inspire others in return. Style, decor, art, crafts... you name it! I’m sure I can take some inspiration from any of it and all of you!

I thought a lot about what to call my blog and decided on “Jacqueline and Me.” The name comes from my desire to share a piece of me from a new perspective. I am detaching myself from fear of judgment and disappointment and just focusing on what I like and what makes me happy. Being a mom challenges who I am as a woman. Most of the time, I feel torn between being the “Jacqueline” I need to be AND being true to “Me.”

What can you expect to see in this blog? Everything I find inspiring and interesting that is true to my aesthetic. As a French-Italian who grew up in Switzerland and recently became a naturalized citizen of the United States, I have many different interests flavored by international experiences. Did I intrigue you enough to go on this journey with me? I hope so! Let’s keep the creativity going.

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