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Spring entertaining

It’s happening everyone: Spring has sprung!

Is it just me, or has it taken a really long time to come this year?  I can't wait to enjoy every minute of one of the most refreshing and inspiring seasons of all. Warm sunshine, flowers in bloom, and trees getting green bring out the irresistible urge to entertain!

This season gifts us with bright colors, sweet fragrances, fresh fruits and produce. I love to combine them to create something special that brings warmth to hearts and fresh tastes to winter-worn pallets.

Clearly green and yellow have played a starring role in this spring table tableau I have put together for you. Simple yet refreshing and warm at the same time! I have to admit it -- St. Patrick’s Day had something to do with this…

I’m a big over-thinker (I’m an Aries after all), but when it comes to executing a table setup or event decor, I’m able to just go with the creative flow. I allow myself to showcase interesting objects, patterns and colors in a very spontaneous way that leaves no room for second-guessing. For me, realizing a full decorative vision means taking the time to follow a few steps. I typically start with selecting one color, one object or one flower, and then build from there in some mysterious way that makes it all come together to a T. I’m always amazed by the results and, trust me, I’m my biggest critic.

For this particular table design, I knew I wanted to work with the clover I'd just bought at Trader Joe's, so I started to play around with that. During my latest trip to the antique store, I scouted out this beautiful metal vintage scale with its sage-green base and perfectly polished brass scale plate. I honestly couldn't resist making it part of a design. So, the two things came together. Clover + vintage metal scale = an opportunity to create something unique. 

I started with the center of the table and worked out from there. Once plates, glasses, and silverware had found their spots, I started to fill out the table with flowers, balancing space and volume along the way. You can see the result for yourself!

Easy and simple, but with a distinct and pleasing impact. Just what you want to offer guests when they enter your dining room --a surprising moment that makes anyone feel special. The effort we make in welcoming people into our homes reflects just how much we care for them.

Yellow and green are not in my favorite color pallet, but everything came together so naturally that I just embraced it.

In setting up for guests, I try to stimulate several senses: the eyes with the color of flowers or a table cloth; the smell of candles or oils (or in this case fruits); specific fabrics that stimulate  tactile perception; and of course, TASTE by taking the colors and vibe of the décor and bringing them into the food and its presentation.

Focus and commitment are what make a dinner party successful, and the results always shine in the smiling faces of your guests!

Happy entertaining to you!

Styling by: Jacqueline Liger I Photo by: Bonjour Brand Studio

Flowers and greenery: Trader Joes and my backyard I

Antiques: Sleepy Poet Antique Mall

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