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A French Summer picnic with Pan Bagnat!

Look at those colors! Aren’t they just so inspiring and so good for the soul? This Spring 2019 photo shoot brings back the sense of regeneration I got as soon as the sun warmed the ground, and the first flowers started to bloom. It’s a feeling of restless motivation and the sprouting of creativity you just want to keep engaged. You know what I mean?

Seeing these photos inspired me to share a recipe that brings me a similar feeling of renewal -- my take on “Pan Bagnat.” It was the prime dish for our countless family picnics when I was growing up! When your family comes from Nice (France), there’s never any question that this will be the go-to dish for warm days at the beach or taking a lunch break from the breathtaking promenades on the French Riviera.

The ingredients are pretty simple and easy to gather on a trip to a Farmers Market, but I wanted to play with the beautiful colors of spring and integrate more locally grown produce to add even more yumminess. Bread is really the key ingredient here, so the first thing you should do is place an order and buy your bread loaf and then let it sit for a couple of days. The goal is for your loaf to harden so you can moisten it with water and olive oil.

I hope you will crave this fresh treat as much as I do and make plans for serving it to your guests soon. Nothing says “summer” more deliciously.


- Olive Oil Tuna (jarred or canned)

- Anchovies (jarred or canned) - Tomatoes

- Green beans

- Small potatoes

- Olives

- Radish

- Cucumber

- Onion - Eggs, hard cooked for decoration

For the Condiments 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, olive oil, salt

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

* my grand-mother and now my mom used to add water to the bread to make it softer

Bread 1 loaf of bread round and crusty (I like it a couple of days old)

Styling by: Jacqueline Liger I Photo by: Bonjour Brand Studio

Bread Loaf: Verdant Bread I Flowers: Charlotte Flowers Market

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