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"Follow your heart" table inspiration

Ok, let’s talk about all those times you've fantasized about inviting your best group of friends over for a delicious Valentine’s dinner to celebrate love or simply say “thank you for being in my life.” Let’s also talk about all of those times you just did not have enough time to plan an amazing and delicious gathering!

Yep, this is me, madly in love with entertaining, but way too busy to make it happen often enough! Life happens, but while it does, taking time for the people we love feeds our ability to live fully.

Valentine’s Day has never been one of my favorite holidays. But since becoming a mom, V Day has slowly grown into me. I’ve gradually come to discover a soft spot for the explosions of hearts my kids make me as gifts. It truly seems that my boys have awakened the very well-hidden romantic side of me, causing me to have fallen in love with anything pink-related. Oh Boy!!  

From here, the inspiration for this table setting “Follow your heart.” Pink, black, beige, gold and a touch of turquoise, all blended with the warmth of the natural wooden table. Predictable yet romantic. Easy to personalize and fun to look at.

Even though I like the aesthetics of how everything turned out, I cannot stop smiling at the black Chevy trucks leading their way to love. What would you expect from the cutest truck carrying the most adorable (and amazing) macaron?

Macarons by: Eclairesse

And don’t forget the flowers… any flower!

So, if like me, you are committed to spreading the love by being a remarkable host, then I hope this post has given you inspiration. I would love it if this décor finds a way into your home as you celebrate the people who matter most to you.



Styling by: Jacqueline Liger I Photo by: Bonjour Brand Studio

Macarons: Eclairesse I Wine: Yes Way Rosé

Plates & Glasses: Anthropologie I Flowers: Charlotte Flowers Market

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