• Jacqueline Liger

A Valentine's inspiration

Somehow Valentine’s Day has never been a holiday I have celebrated often, even though I've always had plenty of love to celebrate around me! But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy an unexpected bouquet of flowers, a gold chocolate box from Godiva or simply a hand-crafted card from the kiddos? Raise your hand and count me in!

This year I’ve decided to come out of my comfort zone and work on a special project that I'll share with you soon. I wanted to see how much love I could send back to you, my first followers. I found plenty of sources to take design inspiration from and settled on a romantic pink pastel mixed with black and dirty white with a pop of emerald green. Curious to see how it all ties in together? Keep following me on my IG page and on my brand-new blog Jacqueline and Me to see the final result.


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